What Can I Do?

What to do with old furniture?

  • Repainting wooden chairs. Give your old wooden chairs a fresh look by repainting them.
  • Converts a dresser into a TV stand.
  • Turn a coffee table into a bench by adding cushion.
  • Repair an antique cupboard.

Can you reuse wood from furniture?

Post-Industrial Reclaimed Wood: Wood waste generated during the manufacturing process of wood products, such as furniture, can be repurposed as reclaimed wood. By diverting this valuable scrap wood from landfills, we reduce waste and give it a second life as functional and aesthetically pleasing materials.

Are wooden furniture sustainable?

Wood has the remarkable ability to store carbon dioxide, making it a valuable ally in the fight against climate change. By choosing wood furniture from sustainable forests, you’re helping to preserve these carbon sinks

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Apart from being durable and easy to shape, another advantage of teak wood furniture is that it is easy to care for. Some other wood that has been turned into furniture usually has to be wiped diligently, kept away from water, and must be varnished at least once a year so that the color remains beautiful.

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Teak wood is famous for its good and long-lasting quality. So it’s not surprising that a lot of furniture is made from teak wood, such as chairs, tables and cupboards. Cupboards made from teak wood are excellent because they are resistant to insect attacks, humid environments and weather changes.

Not only iron or glass expands but wood can also expand. You don’t need to worry because teak wood furniture is a material that is stable and consistent in size. So don’t worry if your teak wood furniture is often exposed to steam or heat.

teak ?

The Unpredictable Properties of Natural Teak Wood

You need to know that teak wood or other natural wood has unpredictable properties. This means that changes in wood can occur even though the production process has gone through qualified production standards. Such as the wood drying process, strong assembly, the best materials & chemical treatment processes. Generally, wood cracking & wood shrinkage occurs which will cause damage to the furniture construction system. Other consequences will certainly damage the appearance.


Furniture Damage Due to Wrong Maintenance

Damage to teak wood furniture can occur, but that doesn’t mean it always happens. In several cases of complaints from buyers, damage often occurs due to the use of furniture that is not suitable for function, placement & maintenance. Of course, this is not an excuse for us as teak furniture producers to escape responsibility. We will provide a guarantee as an after-sales service. In fact, this information will educate you on how to care for furniture properly.


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Tectona grandis was first formally described by Carl Linnaeus the Younger in his 1782 work Supplementum Plantarum.

In 1975, Harold Norman Moldenke published new descriptions of four forms of this species in the journal Phytologia.

Moldenke described each form as varying slightly from the type specimen: T. grandis f. canescens is distinguished from the type material by being densely canescent, or covered in hairs, on the underside of the leaf, T. grandis f. pilosula is distinct from the type material in the varying morphology of the leaf veins, T. grandis f. punctata is only hairy on the larger veins on the underside of the leaf, and T. grandis f. tomentella is noted for its dense yellowish tomentose hairs on the lower surface of the leaf.

Removing Water Stains


If your stain is dark-colored or black, it means that the wood itself has been affected, which will take more elbow grease to remove, but with the right ingredients and a little determination, you can remove those pesky water stains from any wood surface. The same is true for getting alcohol stains off wood surfaces like a table or floor.


If someone forgot to use a coaster and placed a glass on top of your wood furniture, leaving a water stain, you don’t have to worry. Although removing water stains from wood can be difficult, the stain doesn’t have to last forever.


With a few everyday ingredients, you can get rid of the rings. There are also a variety of homemade wood cleaner recipes you can use to keep your wood looking shiny and clean even without stains.

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Wood furniture means room furnishings, including cabinets (kitchen, bath and vanity), tables, chairs, beds, sofas, shutters, art objects, wood paneling other than flat wood paneling, wood flooring and any other coated furnishings made of wood, wood composition or fabricated wood materials.

Furniture refers to objects intended to support various human activities such as seating (e.g., stools, chairs, and sofas), eating (tables), storing items, working, and sleeping (e.g., beds and hammocks).

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Wood furniture is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance. Wood is a long-lasting natural material that can stand constant abuse, whether it’s spills in the kitchen or scratches in the dining room. Solid wood furniture can last for generations with minimum care.

Is Manggo Wood good?

The simple answer is yes! Mango wood is an incredibly strong and sturdy type of wood, making it perfect for furniture that will see a lot of use. It’s hardness is measured to be 1,120 pounds per foot on the Janka Hardness Scale, placing it between Mahogany and Oak in terms of hardness.


What are the cons of mango wood furniture?

Mango wood doesn’t require much maintenance which is great, but during dry weather it is prone to get dehydrated. If the wood is exposed to heat sources or the sun, cracks can form relatively easily.

Is mango wood water resistant?

Although mango wood is fairly water-resistant, it is advised that you do not clean it by applying water to the surface and removing with a sponge. Wipe down periodically with a slightly damp or dry dust cloth that contains no heavy stitching, in order to avoid scratches.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Wood Furniture

1. Clean Indentations with a Small Brush

For daily maintenance, use a small brush to reach indentations in carvings that are hard to reach.

If you do this often, it is guaranteed that your teak wood furniture will be protected from mold.




2. Use Furniture Cleaning Liquid

It’s best if your friends clean it with a special furniture liquid that’s easy to get at the nearest shops so that the color is better preserved.




3. Use Teak Oil

Teak wood has a distinctive color, but over time the color of teak wood will fade.

Therefore, by polishing it with natural teak wood oil, it can restore its color.

The trick is to rub the furniture with a soft cloth and then let it dry.




4. Avoid Putting Teak Wood Furniture Exposed to Direct Sun

Pay attention to the placement of teak furniture, friends. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight so it doesn’t fade quickly.




5. Treat Teak Furniture with Care

When moving teak furniture, try to move it carefully, don’t move it. Because it will cause scratches and certainly damage the beauty of the surface of teak furniture.

do you know?

Types of Teak Trees:

1. Teak “Lengo” is also dark in color, with spots and stripes

2. Teak “Sungu” black, dense, and heavy

3. Teak “Werut”, which is a teak tree that has hardwood and wavy fibers

4. Teak “Doreng”, very hard wood with bright black stripes, very beautiful.


However, teak forests are most widely distributed in the provinces of Central Java and East Java, namely up to an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. Only in the Besuki area does teak grow no more than 200 meters above sea level.


Teak is most widely spread in Asia. In addition to the four countries of origin of teak and Indonesia, teak was developed as forest plantations in Sri Lanka (since 1680), China (early 19th century), Bangladesh (1871), Vietnam (early 20th century), and Malaysia (1909).