Bench Wheel


Currently we produce and release many new products with unique shapes making it suitable for decorating your home and office. This time the new product that will be introduced is a bench with wheel-shaped support.

Of course, every home and office has a bench, even in public places we often find benches of various sizes and different shapes. Either the bench is placed inside the house or outside the room. Alas Gembol manufactures benches with unique, artistic and decorative shapes and designs that add aesthetic value. The bench that we produce has a length of 120 cm and a height of 45cm, to support this wheel-shaped bench. The material for making this bench is teak wood so it is guaranteed to be durable with hot and cold weather conditions.


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Packaging items using wooden pallets
 Previously we have explained some forms of packaging of goods and video packaging of goods using paper that is commonly used. This time we want to give an example of packing goods that are large, heavy, tall, and prone to shocks such as the packaging of fragile glass and other items such as sketsel and animals with large sizes using wood. In addition to packaging the products above, this packaging can also be used to package other items depending on needs.
This package is packed with small long wood and not too thick, or we usually call it wooden pallets. Besides being safe because of packaging that protects parts of goods,
So as not to collapse and break down other objects while on the way.
It’s just that the shortcomings of packaging using this wooden pallet can not protect from sunlight and water.

New Product



Have you ever played rubik?

Rubik is a cube with six sides on each side that has a different color, each side of the rubik consists of 9 small boxes that can be rotated in various directions. So that in 1 rubik there are 54 small boxes.

Unlike the rubik made by Alas Gembol, because rubik here is made of teak wood and does not have a different color on each side. The color of the rubik made by Alas Gembol is only brown even though this rubik is the same as the other rubik, it can be played and rotated in all directions. Besides this rubik can also be used as accessories in your home. This Rubik is a new product made by Alas Gembol.


We not only make square rubik, byt there are still several other rubik shapes



Alas gembol produces various kinds of furniture, one of which is in great demand is large and tall guci. Most guci are made using ceramic or clay, but are different from the guci produced Alas Gembol. Because the guci here is made of teak wood, even so the shape is still the same as the usual guci made of ceramic or clay. For those of you who don’t like large and tall guci, we also provide several sizes (diameter x height),
1.       30cm x 30cm
2.       30cm x 60cm
3.       30cm x 90cm
4.       35cm x 110cm
5.       40cm x 130cm
6.       50cm x 150cm
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The Difference Between Teak and Acacia Wood

In plain view the color of teak and acacia have similarities that are quite difficult to distinguish, but that does not mean they can not be distinguished.
Here are some differences between teak and acacia, :
1. Wood color: although both woods have brown color, actually the color of acacia wood is a bit more striking or slightly darker than teak. Especially if acacia wood has been processed into boards and dried, the difference is increasingly visible. Likewise with the color in sapwood, usually looks whiter than sapwood in teak wood.
2. Wood weight (length, width, thickness): acacia wood is heavier than teak.
3. Wood pores: teak wood has softer or smaller pores than acacia wood, so the surface of teak wood feels smoother than acacia wood.
4. Wood odor: Acacia wood has an unpleasant odor, while teak does not.
5. The level of hardness of wood: although both types of wood are included, acacia wood has a greater level of hardness than teak, so acacia is easily broken or cracked and more easily bent when in the form of thin boards, while the level of hardness in teak is lower so that wood not easily broken and curved.
6. Durability of wood: durability of teak is better than acacia wood.
Those are the 6 differences between teak and acacia, even though they look the same, they still have differences




The shelf is a very important item of existence at home. because it has the function to put book or other items. beside the shelf also makes your home look neat.
Usually the rack has large size so it requires a rather wide space. But different from the shelves produced by Alas Gembol, because we produce shelves with teak wood and have a small size and have a drawer shaped hause. 
We provide 2 sizes for this small shelf,:
1. 30*30*50 (3 drawers)
2. 35*35*60 (4 drawers)
In addition to these products, we also have many other furniture with various models.


Rack Wine

Rack wine made in alas gembol is a product that is much in demand by buyers, because it has a unique design and does not require a lot of space for placement. This bottle rack is made of teak wood with superior quality, so the resulting product does not disappoint.


Besides being used as a place to collect wine bottles, it can also give the impression of space to be elegant. This rack is suitable to be placed in the kitchen, mini bar, corner of the room or in a wine cellar.

Besides being used as a place to collect wine bottles, it can also give the impression of space to be elegant. This rack is suitable to be placed in the kitchen, mini bar, corner of the room or in a wine cellar.

Here we have available size (L*W*H)

Small         4 holes (40*30*100)

                  6 holes (40*30*120)

Medium     8 holes (40*30*150)

Large       10 holes (40*30*200)

Xtralarge  12holes (40*30*250)


Types of Teak Wood

Teak wood has long been known as a raw material for making good furniture. Teak or in scientific science named Tectona grandis is wood that has good and oily veins. Low water content and the quality of tenacious wood make teak an idol for furniture craftsmen. even so, teak wood has the types, advantages and disadvantages of each. The following will explain a little information about the types of teak.

There are at least 3 types that are commonly known and used by the public. The three types of teak are, rakyat teak wood, emas teak wood and perhutani teak (indonesia state for escompany).
Of the 3 types of teak, each has different characters and textures.

1.        Rakyat teak wood

Rakyat teak wood  more likely to bend a lot on the trunk so that the wood produced is usually bent. In addition, Rakyat teak wood  a longer growth period than  gold teak wood, which is around 15 to 25 years to be ready for felling and can be used  for its  wood. But with the growing period, making the pores in this type of teak is denser than gold teak wood. And sapwood in people’s teak wood is usually less.

Advantages : The price is cheaper than Perhutani teak wood, it is quite durable to use.

Deficiency : A lot of sapwood, high water content, there is a hard wood and some are not (depending on the age of wood), the color of pale wood.

2.        Emas teak wood

Is a type of teak whose tree has a faster growth period  than the growth period of teak trees in general. In just 7 to 15 years, this tree has grown big and is ready to be cut down. This is an advantage of the gold teak tree. While the other advantage is that most of the teak gold trees are straight trunked without  any bending or even if there is only a small portion so that the wood produced is also straight. The condition of wood like this is very preferred by furniture workers when they are working on wide-area furniture designs such as tables and cabinets. The pores in the teak wood are classified as larger or in other words less dense.

Advantages : The price is cheaper than Perhutani teak wood, most of the wood is straight.

Deficiency : A lot of sapwood, high moisture content hard wood, easily broken (because most of the felled wood is still young), the color of the wood is pale, remember the durability is lacking.

3.         Perhutani teak

 Perhutani teak  is  teak wood  whose management is carried out by PT. Perum Perhutani. One of the state-owned  institutions in charge of processing forest resources in Java and Madura. The wood produced has a much higher quality than gold teak wood and people’s teak wood.

Advantages : The pores of the wood are denser, the texture is oilier, the color of the wood is more vibrant, very durable, stems are straight and large diameter and having quality that is controlled and maintained.

Deficiency : The price is expensive

That is some information about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of  rakyat teak wood, emas  teak wood and Perhutani Teak. May be useful


Every product that has been produced and ready to be marketed or sent to the customer will be packaged beforehand to make it look neat and attractive, while also maintaining product quality to be maintained and safe. After packaging is finished, the product label is given on the goods ordered by consumers. The labeling of this product is very important so that we know the contents in the package. And avoid mistakes when shipping goods.

Product label is part of a product that contains information that needs to be listed and known together and is generally placed in the product body and in product packaging. Label consists of information that is represented in words or in the form of pictures where its role is as a source of information about the product complete with the seller. Labels on products are generally in the form of a product name or brevity.


Apart from drawing or writing explaining the contents of the product, the label will be better if it is equipped with the product name, production code, material used, weight, color, Full address of the manufacturer and distributor, Warning (for example, do not step on, do not slam) .


Packing is the most important activity after all products are ready to be distributed. The packaging is done to maintain the quality of the product is maintained and safe until the hands of consumers.

In the packing process also must be examined again by the packaging so that the goods to be packaged do not experience damage or disability so that consumers feel satisfied with the products we have made. n addition, the packaging can prevent damage while preserving the product. For example, protect from direct sunlight, humidity, oxygen, pollution from viruses or germs, and collisions.

Packing Method

In general, furniture packing can be done in 3 categories:

1.       Single Packing: one product packaged with individual packing / carton. Examples are rattan chairs, large dining tables, etc. This method is used in almost all types of products with all types of sizes and all types of shipping.

2.       Multiple Packing: used on furniture products & accessories that are small and medium sized. For example, a set of dining chairs consisting of 2 or 4 chairs in one carton. Commonly used because the producer wants to sell the product as a set. Sometimes it is also used on small sized products to help facilitate logistics of goods.

3.       Pallet packing: Only done by large factories that ship their goods abroad using containers. The pallet helps keep the packing + several other cartons stable during the trip.