Green-Luxury & Eco-Luxury Furniture is the latest trend in Home Furnishing and Decoration 

What is “Eco-friendly Furniture”?

Eco-luxury illustrates initiatives taken by luxury items such as high-class luxury living room furniture, dining room furniture to integrate the value of sustainability into their business strategies. Or living room furniture made from natural materials such as solid wood and recycled materials that are environmentally friendly. However, not all natural solid wood materials are environmentally friendly. Unsustainable wood is not environmentally friendly, so it does not really qualify as environmentally friendly furniture. In terms of furniture, Alas Gembol is an example of Eco-friendly & Eco-friendly furniture. We take all of our furniture from high-quality master carpenters around the world. We ensure that furniture and home decor are made from environmentally friendly wood or only natural materials.


The above is an example from our ECO-LUXURY collection. Side tables and chairs are made by master wood masters from sustainable acacia wood.



The quality is superior and the creator is a master cross wood craftsman. This is the center of every living room, sun room or even office that needs green space and art together.


If you are an interior designer or professional home maker, we have a professional discount program.

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Indonesia Teak Wood Drawers

Before buying a new drawer, there are some important things you need to know. Some even say that the drawer isn’t just somewhere you store your trinkets. More than that. So you need to find the right and best drawer. Then you need to consider all things before buying and bringing it home. Something you need to consider is : material, color, style, and size.

* First is Material.

Many materials can be used as drawers. One of them is wood. Thera are so many types of wood that we can find. However, Indonesia has one of the most stratified types of wood, namely Indonesian Teak. Classified as harwood, this type of wood also has beautiful wood fiber. The best part is, durable teak wood. This is ideal as a material for furniture.

* The second is about color.

This aspect is very important to consider for those who want to buy a chest of drawers to complement the furniture in their room, but not for those who want to replace all the furniture in their room.

* The third aspect is style.

Everyone knows that there are many styles of furniture nowadays. Sometimes we can mix and match several styles to put in one room.

* Fourth is about size. this aspect is important. Both the size of the drawer you will buy and also the size of your room where it will be placed. It will be very disappointing if you buy a beautiful chest of drawers but after carrying it home it won’t fit in the room.

We have various shapes and models of cabinets.

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This week we loaded different containers with different shipping locations


This week we loaded different containers with different shipping locations, one of which is this container that left for the USA. This country is not a new market for Alas Gembol. We have been trading with this country for years.


Making a lot of history with our business trip with this country. These things make us full of experience to present products and services that are appropriate for this market.


We say that we have passed quality control for the USA


Directory of Javanese Furniture Producers


* Javanese Furniture Style *

Alas Gembol, also called java furniture or java style furniture, is a directory of furniture products from Indonesia. Find competent references about Javanese furniture, teak furniture, antique Javanese furniture here. Alas Gembol is the perfect choice for high-quality classical furniture styles in Java with 20 years of experience. As one of the leading furniture manufacturers. With extensive experience and dedication to the furniture industry, we produce various types of classic furniture, ranging from home furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture to many accessories


* Indonesian Javanese Furniture *

The long journey of experience with contemporary Javanese furniture producers in Indonesia has made us strong in supporting and running our company.

Our company is growing positively and is built on the good character that is also part of our corporate culture. Different product collections from outdoor furniture to indoor furniture, from classic furniture styles, etc. From quality Indonesian teak. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our people will guide you to make this possible and to maintain long-term business relationships. Hard work, worship, excitement and creativity are the atmosphere of our company. They reflect on every product we produce and the services we offer.



Finally, we are a quality furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, we humbly hope that our team with good capabilities and good quality products will offer you the benefits of your business because we will achieve this in our hearts. We will assure you that you have made the right decision by choosing us, an excellent choice, and we will be very proud and happy to be part of your first choice.

If you have any questions about furniture that is outside our website, do not hesitate to contact us, we will contact you immediately.


Many Reasons to Customize Your Outdoor Furniture for Your Home 


Here are many interesting reasons that will make you customize your outdoor furniture:

* Has a unique and exclusive design

When you buy ready-made furniture from your outdoor furniture supplier, chances are, other businesses have also seen and bought the same collection. But when adjusting your own set, you will deviate from what is available in the market and create patio furniture that can only be found in your hospitality business.

* Furniture arrangement that is suitable in outdoor spaces

Whether you have enough space or not, your outdoor living space might be limited, adjusting your outdoor furniture will not be too painful because you will have the freedom to choose the size of the pieces, their orientation, and even combinations.

* Add your personal touch

The most important advantage is the fact that the collection will fully mirror your tastes and needs. You have to choose the structure material, cover, size, color . well every little detail.

* Control quality & set standards

When ordering special garden furniture, you will have control over every aspect. Usually, you will want high-quality furniture, and will never be satisfied with the less. Therefore, when designing and making furniture, you will be able to monitor production and set the standards that you want your furniture to meet. And the manufacturer must follow your requests and recommendations

In conclusion, adjusting your outdoor furniture can be a fun process.


There are many classic furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and others that you can order on our website

     Everyone wants to have a house that looks beautiful to live in. All bring together and match things to accentuate their home. The furniture in the Alas Gembol room is one of the things that makes every home more welcoming. It is impossible to imagine an elegant home without durable and beautiful indoor furniture.

     In other words, our Alas Gembol indoor furniture plays an important role to set your home apart from the others. Types of furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, vases, magazine racks and many others are applied. In ordinary life without furniture items in the room, the house will not be complete. Indoor furniture from various metals to wood is offered in the market. Most of the furniture comes from pine, cherry, oak, teak, and maple. Nowadays furniture exporters developers serve a variety of residential style tastes than before. Many styles from several era styles are still in fashion, but at the same time, fresh, refined and minimalist furniture designs are increasingly popular.

     Alas Gembol as a manufacturer of Indoor Wood Furniture is the most popular choice for manufacturers because it exudes warmth, and tranquility in design and style, appearance generally attracts buyers to buy it. The quality that catches the eye’s attention is an outstanding finishing that reveals the beauty of wood grains. Elegant showroom of indoor furniture.

    Alas Gembol features a large range of attractive and well-made furniture for living rooms, kitchens, home offices and bedrooms and more than your eyes might see. Decorating a house with wooden furniture in a room is a pleasant job for the artistic brain, especially for residents of the house as well. The choice of items in the room to be applied will depend on the size, design, finishing, and features of furniture in a particular room.

     Here at Alas Gembol, you can order all types of classic indoor furniture at affordable prices and complete customer satisfaction. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Lighting and Decorative Crafts For Your Home


Lighting crafts and lighting furniture can be somewhat unusual but extraordinary style for decorating lighting at home, and often oppose accurate descriptions. It may incorporate many modern and old special styles, so it’s actually not a style in itselft. It is often combined with crafts and lighting. Which is a style that consists of a strong foundation as a major part of the design. Most of this is what makes it very popular today when it comes to home decoration.

One way to start describing this type of equipment is to say that it has a fresh, unique, modern and orderly style, made by highly skilled Alas Gembol craftsmen. And the most prominent feature of lightweight arts and crafts is that it isconsidered a more feminine style. Regarding what it is like at home or wherever you wanat, this type of traditional lighting is usually described as a feeling of warmth and comfort. 



– Cylinder Table With Glass –

a short video of making Teak Root Table at Alas Gembol Teak

“Our Teak Root Tables are Stunning and Unique”

This is your chance to get unique furniture of unparalleled quality at the best price. The roots are carefully sanded and artfully finished with a clear layer of varnish to produce beautiful wood grain. The artisans who create these functional works of art carefully finish these works to ensure that they are sturdy to survive for years to come. Our teak coffee table facilitates relaxation with its beautiful and pleasant design. They are handmade from teak and demand the attention of everyone in the room and can always be the center of attention. With the glass lid in place, an elegant design that can only be produced by nature is fully represented. The natural organic form of teak roots gives the candlestick a sense of imagination and style. The unique shapes of each root combine shapes and functions to turn these candlesticks into real artworks.


Shellac, How to make Shellac lacquers and how to use them

What is shellac???

     Shellac is a material for making camphor made from shellac. Shellfish is a kind of juice produced by animals or kind of insect called Lak Lice (Keracc Laccifer), these animals live and are cared for parasitically on Kesambi, Acacia, Ploso and Widara trees.

     Shellac is avaible everywhere in the form of thin chips. To be used, the sherllac pieces must be dissolvedin alcohol or ethanol until everything is melted. Liquid shellac called politur and is a finishing material that is widely used for the finishing process in wood. Spirit is a solvent that is often used to make camphor because the price is cheaper.

Finishing process with sherllac :

** Products that need to be re-finished must be completely smooth and free of all dirt, dust, oil, used glue, nails and other.

** Puff on the pores with wood filler.

** Ampelas to clean so that the wood filler is only left in the pores of the wood.

** The polishing machines that are available in the bowl are applied light and flat to all objects without exception.

** Perform the operation again so that the camphor is distributed more evenly, allow it to dry but do not heat it directly in the hot sun, dry it in a warm place but not directly in sunlight, as this can lead to curved products.

** Sands the product with a fine sandpaper and do this slowly and in line with the wood fiber. Then wipe with a cloth so that dust / dust that lingers can disappear.

** Turn the polishing brush back thinly and evenly by covering the brush tip wrapped with a sponge cloth. With the aim that the former quasas are not rough and the brush hairs do not stick to the workpiece. By pressing the sponge cloth, the pressure of the control becomes denser and smoother.

This process is repeated several times, but it must be brief, not just in certain places, because it produces uneven results.


How To Choose Quality Teak

 Are you planning to choose furniture from teak???


Teak has a better quality than mahogany. Even teak furniture is very sturdy and cannot be eaten by termites or rats. If you are going to buy teak furniture, you need to know how to choose the right quality teak furniture

1. Finishing looks good and smooth

One way to discover quality teak furniture products is to see the final finish that looks good. On the furniture there is a uniform coloring in all parts and all wooden pores are covered with finishing. Moreover, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. If it is touched by hand, the surface of the furniture feels smoother and not bumpy. A good finish also takes a long time and does not fade quickly.

2. Avoid teak furniture with many holes in the surface

Do not choose furniture with small holes in the surface. Where the hole occurs because of the teak wood, it contains insect houses that are connected to each other and ensure that the wood is formed. Due to the presence of holes in teak furniture, the inside is porous, although the outside looks sturdy. Therefore, do not purchase teak furniture with holes in the surface.

3. Furniture has a sturdy and symmetrical construction

Remember that the price of teak furniture is quite expensive, so if you are planning to buy teak furniture, try making the right selection. Choose teak furniture with a construction that looks very strong and has a symmetrical shape on the surface. Because teak furniture with a symmetrical shape contains the value of beauty that is evenly distributed in all parts of the corners.

4. Choose old teak furniture that is 20 to 30 years old

he older the teak raw material used in furniture, the stronger the construction. While the characteristics of old teak wood have a tighter fiber structure, the weight is very heavy and reddish brown.