Make the Living Room More Beautiful with Furniture From Alas Gembol Teak

The living room is a reflection of the family who lives in the house. That is why, the living room design needs to be thought through. So, don’t be surprised if many people use a variety of the best furniture to make their living room look more attractive.

But in fact, there are several things that need to be considered if you are going to decorate your living room. Because, a wrong step can actually make your living room look cramped and uncomfortable.


Living Room Decoration Tips

Choose the Right Furniture

The first living room decorating tip is to choose the right furniture. As much as possible do not use too much furniture in the living room. Because, this will make the living room look cramped and cramped. Therefore, you can choose multifunctional furniture that is not only functional, but also useful for saving space.

Pay attention to the position of the furniture

So that the appearance of your living room looks neater, you can arrange it by forming a symmetrical position. In addition, make sure that the color or shape of the furniture such as the sofa you choose matches the theme and concept of your living room.

Don’t Forget the Wall

Decorating the walls is also one way you can decorate the living room. Not only wrapping the walls using attractive colors, in fact you can also use various wall decorations such as paintings or unique photographs so that the atmosphere is not monotonous.


This wall lamp is not only useful for improving the quality of lighting in the room, but also provides a touch of interior decoration to make it look attractive.

with a price of 70$ you can already have it.


you can display a mirror so that the room looks spacious. Mirror Price 30$.

Cost-saving Tips For Kitchen Remodeling

Renovating a kitchen can vary in cost, depending on how serious the repairs need to be. However, there’s no need to worry, because by doing the tips below, you can still make your dream kitchen come true by saving costs during the renovation process. Happy reading!

1. Prepare a detailed plan before starting

There are several things that need to be considered before starting the project. First, if you want to do a large-scale renovation, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to help create a design plan. An interior designer will certainly help you create a dream kitchen that fits your budget, so you can save time and money in the long run.

2. Repair old furniture

For those of you looking to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget, giving your old furniture a new look is key. Instead of ordering a new cupboard or kitchen cabinet, take advantage of the old one by repairing broken parts or repainting it a new color. Repainting old cabinets or cabinets white is a great option for a durable kitchen look

3. Choose the right lighting

LED lights are a good long-term investment for more sustainable residential lighting, including in kitchens. Switching from an incandescent bulb to an LED bulb can save energy and cut your electricity bill. Also make sure that the lighting is installed in the right position and is concentrated in areas that need the most light, such as the cooking area. In addition to installing lights under the kitchen cabinet, can also use pendant lights or pendant lights that are placed in the kitchen or on the dining table, as seen in the picture above.

4. Stick to existing pipelines and utility layouts

If you move kitchen equipment such as dishwashers, sinks and stoves every time you remodel the kitchen, the costs required will certainly be even greater. For that, stick to existing pipelines and utility layouts. Instead, you can still make the kitchen look new by changing the color of the kitchen and playing with the decorations.

5. Reuse the remaining material

Don’t let scraps or scraps of renovation materials go to waste. You can make kitchen utensils such as cutting boards from pieces of granite or wood from used cabinets.

Tips For Moving Furniture When Moving a House

In general, furniture has a fairly heavy mass. However, keep in mind that the furniture in your home also has properties that are easily fragile. For example, like a cupboard, carved table or sofa. Handling that is not careful and can cause damage to the surface of the furniture such as scuffs due to scratches or tears. Here are tips for moving furniture when moving houses :

a. Furniture Locks

Make sure doors and furniture drawers are closed and locked before moving them. Doors and drawers that open suddenly while moving can have fatal consequences. Avoid this incident for safety and security.

b. Wrap Furniture

Wrap furniture with cardboard or paper wrapping. Secure each corner by placing thicker cardboard at the end of the furniture. This method is done to reduce the risk of abrasions and damage due to scratches or collisions.

c. Position it Diagonally

Lifting large objects in a diagonal position is highly recommended, especially when descending stairs. This method can help balance the load of furniture. Lift the furniture so that one end is higher than the other. Look at the picture above.

d. Involve Others

Ask other people to help you, never do it alone. Especially for moving large and heavy furniture.

e. Not be forced

Avoid forcing furniture to pass through narrow doors or spaces. Pushing and forcing furniture can result in breakage and scratches. Remove the door hinges if necessary to make room for the furniture to be moved.

f. Disassemble If Possible

This step is recommended for knockdown furniture (can be assembled or assembled). This knockdown furniture usually uses screws or bolts that connect the parts,

g. Use Professionals

Use a moving service to help with your move. This can make your move more practical and safer.

V-LEGAL Certification

V-LEGAL Certification: The Company’s Commitment to Using Legal Raw Materials

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CV Alas Gembol has passed the Timber Legality Verification System audit or abbreviated as SVLK. After undergoing the audit process the company is declared eligible and entitled to receive a V – Legal certificate. CV Alas Gembol is a company with experience since 2000. The company has proven its commitment to maintaining client trust by presenting good quality and excellent after-sales service so that it can last until now.

The issue of environmental destruction and illegal logging has received sharp attention from the world community, especially in developed countries such as countries that are members of the European Union. Recognition and evidence that the products circulating in Europe are legal and environmentally friendly are demands that manufacturers must answer. The V – Legal certificate that is owned by the company facilitates the company’s products to be able to circulate in the European market by holding the status of the product that is legal and environmentally friendly.

Awareness of using products made by Indonesian children that hold sustainable and environmentally friendly values ​​is now also a necessity for an educated Indonesian market. So that we will continue to maintain our commitment to the environment by using products from legal sources. Using environmentally friendly products is one of the concrete actions to fight environmental destructive actions that threaten ecosystems.

Tips for Designing a Home Interior with a Minimal Budget

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1. Create a Planning

Before starting interior designing, you must have careful planning how you want the interior design to be. What style will be carried, what wall color will be used, what kind of door and window model will be used, what furniture is needed and where to put it, and so on.

2. Re-use of Old Goods

With a limited budget, it’s time for you to sort out which of the furniture you already have and can still be used again.

3. Maximize the Layout

It is undeniable, in a room there are always large pieces of furniture which are the main points in the room. For example, a bed in the bedroom, dining table in the dining room, or sofa in the family room. Invest your money in these important furniture and then you just need to add room accessories as a complement so that your room can look more beautiful.

4. Buy Furniture Without Varnish and Stains

Buying ‘naked’ furniture like this can save money because it is cheaper. After that, do the finishing yourself according to your taste. Don’t forget to sand it softly so that the varnish will be durable, lint-free and shiny.

5. Buy Second Items

used goods are not always bad. Don’t underestimate second-hand items because you won’t have any guesses what to find there! Maybe you can find good things at a much cheaper price than the new price, for example an antique clock or maybe a pendant lamp in good condition. Take the time to shop at thrift stores, visit auction venues, exhibitions that sell quality second hand goods at low prices.

7. Choose a minimalist design style

As the name implies, a minimalist interior design style requires simple and minimalist furniture and nuances. Then you don’t have to bother thinking about what accessories are needed to make the room look more attractive. Because minimalist interior design also uses only the necessary furniture without the need for excessive and not really used accessories. The colors used are also usually monochrome, with clean and straight furniture lines, so you can save more on expenses. Besides that, a minimalist interior design style is in trend now so you can look modern and in!

8. Do not do wholesale work

Most people want to design a room at one time, even though this will actually make the design not optimal. It’s frugal, it’s economical, but if it’s not satisfying, what is it for? Do the design in stages with a priority scale. Prioritize rooms that really need redecorating. After some time and sufficient funds, think about redesigning another room.

9. Hire a Beginner Designer

All the tips above will be very useful if you have a good sense in designing a room. What if not? Try hiring an amateur or novice designer like a final year student, for example. They won’t charge a fortune because what they need is experience. Open vacancies and make a selection to get potential people and according to your expectations.

Theory About Color for Every Room in the House and Tips for Its Benefits

Theory About Color for Every Room in the House and Tips for Its Benefits

   Knowledge of color theory is not just about choosing a color scheme that works for a room. It will be very helpful to know what color effect is suitable for mood, temperature, blood pressure, metabolism, to the vision of each room. We all respond to certain colors differently. For example, a cold blue may feel soothing to someone, but sad to someone else.

A. Warm colors are a good choice for rooms with frequent activity, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and children’s rooms. Warm colors work best in quiet areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms if your area has cool temperatures.

B. Cool colors are an option that works well in bedrooms because cool colors won’t reflect light but absorb it. The room light will “feel” cooler as a result.

“Color Affects Mood”

For those of you who are confused, what colors will suit your mood. Let’s check below :

A. Red

Red makes us think of compassion, fire, love and passion. This color can actually increase your heart rate, you know, so if you have high blood pressure, avoid painting the walls red.

B. Blue

The blue color as you often see in the ocean, sky to flowers is very beautiful, right? Blue is certainly a calming color. This color is effective for lowering your blood pressure and when used in the bedroom, will help you calm down at night.

C. Violet

Violet is known as the color of royalty. Violet is a rich, confident and strong color. Violet paint color works well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

D. Chocolate

Brown is an entertaining color. Brown is a neutral color that can be included in various decoration schemes, you know. Usually always matches most colors. From walls to accessories, brown is a versatile color to use throughout the home.

E. Orange

Orange is a cheerful, warm and active color. If you enjoy entertainment, use orange paint in your gathering places, as it stimulates people to feel more welcoming.

F. Yellow

Warm yellow, like sunshine, a happy color that will brighten up any boring mood. Use a bright yellow paint color in your kitchen or craft space, as it should put you in a creative mood.

H. Green

If you have a lot of stress, paint your walls green. Green is a soothing and calming color that will help relieve your anxiety.


How to Trick a Small Room

When you live in a small room with lots of items, there will definitely be a problem that sometimes makes us even stressed. Now these small space design ideas will make it feel that much bigger. Cussss ,, follow these tips on Smart Ways to Conquer Confined Spaces!

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> A small round table is highly recommended for the right angle as a Dining Table. By choosing a round table, you can fit several chairs at once. Of course this will be an advantage when your house has many guests.

> Use sofabed.

To save space, use a sofabed. You can use this type of sofa as a bed or a place to sit to relax with your family. If you can buy one item that is multi-functional, why not? By buying a sofabed, you can also save money.

 > Mount the TV on the wall.


A console table or TV table is actually not really needed for a small house room. Instead it takes up only space. Wall-mounting your TV is an effective way to add additional space in your home.

> Use Mirror.

The next trick to make a room look bigger, lighter, and more breathable is to display a mirror. How come? As you know, the mirror reflects whatever is in front of it. Well, this reflection sometimes tricks us that the space around us looks quite large.

> Use wall shelves.


Do you have a lot of books to display at home? Wall shelves are the solution. Wall shelves work great for larger storage space.

Minimalist Furniture Trends

Minimalist furniture is synonymous with color games and additional accessories that are not wood, it can be iron, aluminum, glass or plastic. In addition to the addition of accessories from other materials, minimalist furniture is also synonymous with attractive and attractive color combinations. The use of the main material in minimalist model furniture in the form of wood or particle board is reduced compared to classic furniture.

Accessory components that are not wood or particle board are usually used in certain parts of a furniture product. Dining table legs, coffee table legs, chair legs usually use iron or aluminum. With the addition of these variations, it can add artistic value to these products even though not all of them are made from solid wood. Besides the reasons for variation, the combination of these ingredients is also to save some of the main raw materials. As is known, the raw material for solid wood is experiencing difficulties every day. The combination of these ingredients is one way to get around this.


Maybe for some people who are still fanatical about solid wood furniture, products from this material are not their main choice. Because after all, it cannot be denied that most people know better about the quality of teak wood. However, the difficulty with teak wood has made many furniture manufacturers try to divert their products by using other types of wood whose quality and value cannot be matched. The teak population itself is getting more and more difficult every day, which has an impact on the high price of teak, making it difficult for the wider community to reach.


Minimalist furniture usually uses various types of wood that have a sufficient level of hardness and sometimes even uses Particle Board material. In the end, minimalist furniture that is sold is a model, design, variety and other accessories. Maybe you never imagined that if teak wood was formed into minimalist furniture, the value and quality of teak wood would never emerge. Most of the teak wood furniture emphasizes the classic model with the natural color of teak, that’s where it looks how good teak wood is, starting from the contours of the fibers and colors. Never before has teak wood been used for furniture with a minimalist model.

Beautify Modern Minimalist Home

The minimalist type of house is currently in great demand by people who are very practical, including the furniture. But in choosing the contents of a minimalist home, special tricks are needed to keep it looking warm in choosing the type and model of furniture. So how do you choose the right furniture and furniture design accessories for your minimalist home? Maintaining practical and functional elements is the basic key in dressing up a minimalist home.

19 feb no 2

1. Choosing the right material can thicken the minimalist concept you want to present. For example, glass furniture combined with aluminum or wrought iron is a type of furniture design that is widely used. In addition to a simple form, any maintenance is relatively easy to do.

2. Selection of curtains is also able to support the impression you want to appear in the room. With the type of roman blind, for example, which is light and can give a dynamic impression in a minimalist room.


3. Design with strict precision is also characteristic of minimalist architecture and furniture. Therefore, choose a table or chair that has a simple design, little or no ornament. With these minimal ornaments, it can facilitate maintenance and the accessible room is more spacious so it is suitable when applied to a small, minimalist home.

4. The choice of colors and patterns must also be shown carefully, in which floral patterns or colors that are too busy are not suitable when combined in a minimalist home. Maintain the color tone every time you add or replace minimalist design furniture accessories and furniture in one room.


5. Arrange every minimalist accessory and furniture carefully, but try to keep the room from being too full because it can emphasize the minimalist impression you want to create. For example, the arrangement of photo frames uses larger but small amounts of frames to accent the room.

Benefits of Talking to Yourself in the Mirror

People might think somebody is stress when he/she does self-talking in front of a mirror. It might be yes, it might be no. It depends on his/her condition. But do you know that self-talking in front of a mirror could bring some positive effects? Here are the benefits of self-talking in front of a mirror!


1.     Gives You Confidence



Many people sometimes find it is hard to talk in public. Why not try to train yourself to self-speech in front of a mirror? Really it helps you much when you don`t have somebody to speak with. By doing this, you can increase your confidence. You can also look at your gesture when talking.


2.     Helps You Achieving Targets



Self-talking in front of a mirror could upgrade your communication skill. Having a good communication skill helps you achieving targets. People will be enchanted by your words that you can achieve your targets. 


3.     Raises Your Spirit of Life



When you down, have no one beside you, you still can  talk with yourself in front of a mirror. You could share your whole life with another you in the mirror. But don`t forget to pass positive words after that so your spirit of life will raise.


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