How to order items in Alas Gembol

               This time we will tell you (the buyer) how to order items in Alas Gembol.

Before coming to our warehouse, you can see a collection of goods produced ag on our blog. But if you want to see in detail, you can directly visit our place. For how to order, i.e.

            The first you can come directly to the production site so you can immediately see the goods to be ordered and see the process of making goods directly.

Then the second, ask the size of the item and the price. You can also choose your own size, if we can make it, we will make it for you. The third is if you already match the items to be purchased,include the order amount and don’t forget to ask how long the process will take.

If you have agreed with the goods and the price specified,then you can immediately give dp ..% in accordance with the agreement of both parties.

            After that we will send a purchase invoice to your email to confirm your ordered item. If nothing is fixed we will immediately process your order.

For more information or contact (0274) 4396317