Natural IngredientsĀ For Shiny Wood

** Hazelnut Seeds

Burn 5 hazelnut seeds until the oil comes out. Then take the hazelnut seeds and wrap them in guaze. In the position of the seeds wrapped in mesh, crush the seeds by beating until they are smooth and powdery.

Applu hazelnut seeds that are still wrapped in fabric to the entire surface of the furniture. View the results on your furniture.

** Flower

Sago flour and cornflour are often used to clean teak. In addition, other types of flour can also be used. Flour is useful for removing dirt that sticks to teak. This dirt will be easily lifed when you remove it with flour.

The method is fairly simple, sprinkle flour on the wooden furniture that you have. Wipe until the dirt is removed and remove the flower from your wooden furniture and your furniture will look shiny.

** Olive oil

Behind the greatness of olive oil for health and beauty, olive oil was also useful for protecting wooden furniture. Apply olive oil evenly with a cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to prevent damage to the wood surface. Once the olive oil has been applied evenly, allow it to stand for 30 minutes until the oil is absorbed and wipe again with a clean cloth to reduce the oil on the wood surface.

** Vinegar Water

Sour vinegar was able to clean the dirt attached to the furniture. To clean furniture with vinegar, you do this in two steps. First use vinegar water to clean the furniture and use olive oil as a finishing touch.

The first step, prepare two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of plain water. Mix the two and apply vinegar to the entire surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. Wait a while untilthe wood looks fairly dry.

The second step, mix vinegar water with olive oil. Use a ratio of 1:4. Mix thoroughly and apply to your furniture. View the result.

** Ground Tea

During this time you may feelĀ  uncomfortable while wasting tea waste that is being wasted. Do not throw away your tea pulp from now on, because tea pulp can be used to polish wood. Use tea pulp to rub all parts of the wood. View the result.