10 Benefits of Teak For Human Life

     Teak wood comes from teak trees that are large and can grow up to 30-40 meters. Teak is type of tree with broad, characteristic leaves, with leaves that fall when they dry. Teak tree itself is a type of tree that grows in tropical rainforest areas with temperatures between 27-37 degrees.


     This tree is also one of the types of trees whose growth rate is slow and low, so it takes quite a long time for the teak tree to be used by its wood. This tree is one of the plants that produce exceptional quality timber and is known worldwide. Many items made from teak have a very long lifespan.

The following characteristics and characteristics of teak are:
a. Has a very good strength and durability

b. Light brown to dark brown
c. Easy to cut and cut easily processed into many products
d. Not easy to change shape due to weather changes.
e. Has a heavy and sturdy weight

Consistent with its nature that is strong, hard, durable and not easily subject to shape changes, most teak is used as raw material for production, the following:

** Sea Ship : Since the Dutch colonial era, teak has been used as the basic material for shipbuilding, and before that it was used as a material for making fishing boats.

** The House : Antiquity houses and some rural houses still rely on teak as the base material for making, rather than using cement and brick. Nowadays, making teak houses is often found in mountainous areas such as villasand retirement homes and public places in tourist attractions.

** Furniture : The nature of teak that can easily be cut and processed makes teak often used as a raw material for processed furniture.Examples of wooden furniture madefrom teak:dinner table, chair, wardrobe, sills and doors and windows, the bed.

** Home Decor : The benefits of teak are often used as materials forcarving and decoration, as well as attractive home displays, with a distinctiveand durable teak color.Here are some types of carvings and home decoration ornaments made from teak:Granewand, Pigura photo, The estimate is on, door frame and door, Production of displays.

**Garden shed : Gazebo is a kind ofsmall hall that is usually located in a part of the park and can be useful as aplace to gather and relax. The benefits of teak, these garden houses can with strong, even waterproof.

** Home outdoor decoration : In addition to an arbor, other exterior decorations have been made with teak as the base material. Outdoor decorations made from teak include: Lawn chair swing set Garage pole



These are some advantages and applications of teak wood. Hopefully this information is useful… (^_^)