How To Choose Quality Teak

 Are you planning to choose furniture from teak???


Teak has a better quality than mahogany. Even teak furniture is very sturdy and cannot be eaten by termites or rats. If you are going to buy teak furniture, you need to know how to choose the right quality teak furniture

1. Finishing looks good and smooth

One way to discover quality teak furniture products is to see the final finish that looks good. On the furniture there is a uniform coloring in all parts and all wooden pores are covered with finishing. Moreover, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. If it is touched by hand, the surface of the furniture feels smoother and not bumpy. A good finish also takes a long time and does not fade quickly.

2. Avoid teak furniture with many holes in the surface

Do not choose furniture with small holes in the surface. Where the hole occurs because of the teak wood, it contains insect houses that are connected to each other and ensure that the wood is formed. Due to the presence of holes in teak furniture, the inside is porous, although the outside looks sturdy. Therefore, do not purchase teak furniture with holes in the surface.

3. Furniture has a sturdy and symmetrical construction

Remember that the price of teak furniture is quite expensive, so if you are planning to buy teak furniture, try making the right selection. Choose teak furniture with a construction that looks very strong and has a symmetrical shape on the surface. Because teak furniture with a symmetrical shape contains the value of beauty that is evenly distributed in all parts of the corners.

4. Choose old teak furniture that is 20 to 30 years old

he older the teak raw material used in furniture, the stronger the construction. While the characteristics of old teak wood have a tighter fiber structure, the weight is very heavy and reddish brown.