Wooden Stand

The wooden stand is an accessory from Alas Gembol which is widely ordered by furniture players abroad because it is in great demand by the people there. This product functions as a decorative corner of the room so it doesn’t look empty. This object can be placed on a table or shelf if its size is small and can be placed in a corner of the room if the product is large These accessories are made of teak wood with good quality. So this product can last for years if you provide routine maintenance. Maintenance is quite easy, e.g. Place the wooden stand in a dry place, don’t put it in a humid place to avoid mold and if there is dust, you can use a dry cloth to clean it.

This product has several color variants and finishing processes. The white color is produced through the whitening finishing process, the black color is produced through the combustion finishing process while the original color of the teak wood itself is produced through unfinishing. This accessory has several sizes, namely 60x50x100, 70x50x150, and 80x50x200.

If you like this product to add aesthetic value to your home or office, it doesn’t hurt that you have this product to add to your accessory collection. For prices please contact (0274) 4396317 or email or you can come directly to our place on the West Imogiri road 6.5 Ngoto Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul.