Our company, besides making furniture in the form of tables, chairs, gucci and vases with various shapes, sizes and finishing, we also make various animal shapes that can be used for decoration inside and outside the home. One of them that is in great demand by buyers from outside Indonesia is horses. For outdoors, it can be placed on the terrace or garden if you have a garden with a size large enough. For inside the house, if you have a large enough living room, this horse-shaped accessories can be placed in the corner of the room.

This horse is made of erosion wood. With small and thin pieces of wood then neatly arranged to form a horse, even so the quality of the material makes this horse-shaped decoration so good that it is very durable and strong for years if routinely given routine maintenance. For maintenance, this product is very easy if it is dusty enough to be cleaned using a bristle cloth or soft brush to clean surfaces and crevices. Or you can also coat the surface with a special wood coating so that the original wood color does not change but can also be given a special wood liquid so that the product is not eaten by termites. For the height of this product that is 100cm, 150cm and 200cm.

If you like these products, it doesn’t hurt to have these products to add aesthetic value to your home. We can also accept requests for sizes, shapes and settlements to your liking. And for prices please contact (0274) 4396317 or email or you can come directly to our place on the West Imogiri Road 6.5 km Ngoto Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul