After 2 weeks Alas Gembol is inactive, due to corona virus outbreaks in various countries including Indonesia and the number of blocked roads and implementation of social distances. Today we are back in business as usual. But there are some rules that are applied by Alas Gembol so as not to endanger employees and other parties. These regulations are:

1. If there are employees who feel unwell (colds, coughs, fever), they are expected to remain at home until they are completely healed.

2. For employees who are entering an age that is prone to diseases and previously have a history of diseases such as lung, pneumonia, tuberculosis and asthma, we give permission not to work before the condition is completely stable.

3. Before starting work, all employees are required to wash their hands using soap that has been provided before work and when they finish work

4. During work, employees must always wear masks and keep their distance from other employees as far as 2 meters. And don’t chat while working, so you can avoid things that aren’t cold.

5. Often drink water so that the esophagus is not dry.

6. And always maintain cleanliness.


All hope this virus ends soon so that all activities can run normally as usual.