Rack Display


In addition to tables, chairs, flower vases, accessories and stoOl, and bowls, we also produce display racks that can be used to place photos, vases and other small accessories. This product is widely ordered by buyers from outside Indonesia because it has a unique and good shape. This rack is made of teak wood with good quality so it is durable and can last for years.

This product can be placed at home or office, the maintenance is also very easy to place it in a dry place to avoid mold and to clean dust can use a clean dry cloth and can also use a soft bristle cloth or bristle brush, in addition to colors to look like new and shiny can also be coated with special wood paint.

For this product size, there are 3, namely small size with size 60x50x120, medium size 70x60x150 and for large size 80x70x180, But you can also order this product with other sizes as you wish.

If you like this product to add aesthetic value in your home or office, it never hurts you to have a display rack. For prices and reservations, please contact (0274) 4396317 or email www.alasgembolteak@gmail.com or you can come directly to our place on the West Imogiri Road 6.5 km Ngoto Bangunharjo Sewon BantulĀ