Coffee Table
After not writing a product for a long time, now the writer wants to
discuss or write a little picture of one of the products produced by Alas Gembol. 
Products that are currently being ordered by many foreign buyers, namely coffee
tables. although it is called a coffee table, it does not have to be used for
coffee, but can be used as a table in general. it's just that the name of this
coffee table was given by Alas Gembol himself.
This coffee table has 2 shapes, namely round and square. for the size also
varies. Namely the size of 120x70x50 for the square and for the size of the
circle with a diameter of 100 height 78 and the diameter of the glass table
110, then for the coffee table diameter 120 with a height of 78 and a glass
table diameter of 130 For there are 3 colors namely brown, black and white. You
can choose according to taste. This table is suitable to be placed in the
living room, office, lobby, hall, terrace or balcony. The unique shape, will make your home
more beautiful and more elegant.
If you are interested in ordering. You can contact email or directly call (0274) 4396317. However, if you are in
Yogyakarta, you can stop by our gallery on imogiri barat street at 6.5 km Ngoto
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