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a short video of making Teak Root Table at Alas Gembol Teak

“Our Teak Root Tables are Stunning and Unique”

This is your chance to get unique furniture of unparalleled quality at the best price. The roots are carefully sanded and artfully finished with a clear layer of varnish to produce beautiful wood grain. The artisans who create these functional works of art carefully finish these works to ensure that they are sturdy to survive for years to come. Our teak coffee table facilitates relaxation with its beautiful and pleasant design. They are handmade from teak and demand the attention of everyone in the room and can always be the center of attention. With the glass lid in place, an elegant design that can only be produced by nature is fully represented. The natural organic form of teak roots gives the candlestick a sense of imagination and style. The unique shapes of each root combine shapes and functions to turn these candlesticks into real artworks.


Shellac, How to make Shellac lacquers and how to use them

What is shellac???

     Shellac is a material for making camphor made from shellac. Shellfish is a kind of juice produced by animals or kind of insect called Lak Lice (Keracc Laccifer), these animals live and are cared for parasitically on Kesambi, Acacia, Ploso and Widara trees.

     Shellac is avaible everywhere in the form of thin chips. To be used, the sherllac pieces must be dissolvedin alcohol or ethanol until everything is melted. Liquid shellac called politur and is a finishing material that is widely used for the finishing process in wood. Spirit is a solvent that is often used to make camphor because the price is cheaper.

Finishing process with sherllac :

** Products that need to be re-finished must be completely smooth and free of all dirt, dust, oil, used glue, nails and other.

** Puff on the pores with wood filler.

** Ampelas to clean so that the wood filler is only left in the pores of the wood.

** The polishing machines that are available in the bowl are applied light and flat to all objects without exception.

** Perform the operation again so that the camphor is distributed more evenly, allow it to dry but do not heat it directly in the hot sun, dry it in a warm place but not directly in sunlight, as this can lead to curved products.

** Sands the product with a fine sandpaper and do this slowly and in line with the wood fiber. Then wipe with a cloth so that dust / dust that lingers can disappear.

** Turn the polishing brush back thinly and evenly by covering the brush tip wrapped with a sponge cloth. With the aim that the former quasas are not rough and the brush hairs do not stick to the workpiece. By pressing the sponge cloth, the pressure of the control becomes denser and smoother.

This process is repeated several times, but it must be brief, not just in certain places, because it produces uneven results.


How To Choose Quality Teak

 Are you planning to choose furniture from teak???


Teak has a better quality than mahogany. Even teak furniture is very sturdy and cannot be eaten by termites or rats. If you are going to buy teak furniture, you need to know how to choose the right quality teak furniture

1. Finishing looks good and smooth

One way to discover quality teak furniture products is to see the final finish that looks good. On the furniture there is a uniform coloring in all parts and all wooden pores are covered with finishing. Moreover, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. If it is touched by hand, the surface of the furniture feels smoother and not bumpy. A good finish also takes a long time and does not fade quickly.

2. Avoid teak furniture with many holes in the surface

Do not choose furniture with small holes in the surface. Where the hole occurs because of the teak wood, it contains insect houses that are connected to each other and ensure that the wood is formed. Due to the presence of holes in teak furniture, the inside is porous, although the outside looks sturdy. Therefore, do not purchase teak furniture with holes in the surface.

3. Furniture has a sturdy and symmetrical construction

Remember that the price of teak furniture is quite expensive, so if you are planning to buy teak furniture, try making the right selection. Choose teak furniture with a construction that looks very strong and has a symmetrical shape on the surface. Because teak furniture with a symmetrical shape contains the value of beauty that is evenly distributed in all parts of the corners.

4. Choose old teak furniture that is 20 to 30 years old

he older the teak raw material used in furniture, the stronger the construction. While the characteristics of old teak wood have a tighter fiber structure, the weight is very heavy and reddish brown. 


Natural Ingredients For Shiny Wood

** Hazelnut Seeds

Burn 5 hazelnut seeds until the oil comes out. Then take the hazelnut seeds and wrap them in guaze. In the position of the seeds wrapped in mesh, crush the seeds by beating until they are smooth and powdery.

Applu hazelnut seeds that are still wrapped in fabric to the entire surface of the furniture. View the results on your furniture.

** Flower

Sago flour and cornflour are often used to clean teak. In addition, other types of flour can also be used. Flour is useful for removing dirt that sticks to teak. This dirt will be easily lifed when you remove it with flour.

The method is fairly simple, sprinkle flour on the wooden furniture that you have. Wipe until the dirt is removed and remove the flower from your wooden furniture and your furniture will look shiny.

** Olive oil

Behind the greatness of olive oil for health and beauty, olive oil was also useful for protecting wooden furniture. Apply olive oil evenly with a cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to prevent damage to the wood surface. Once the olive oil has been applied evenly, allow it to stand for 30 minutes until the oil is absorbed and wipe again with a clean cloth to reduce the oil on the wood surface.

** Vinegar Water

Sour vinegar was able to clean the dirt attached to the furniture. To clean furniture with vinegar, you do this in two steps. First use vinegar water to clean the furniture and use olive oil as a finishing touch.

The first step, prepare two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of plain water. Mix the two and apply vinegar to the entire surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. Wait a while untilthe wood looks fairly dry.

The second step, mix vinegar water with olive oil. Use a ratio of 1:4. Mix thoroughly and apply to your furniture. View the result.

** Ground Tea

During this time you may feel  uncomfortable while wasting tea waste that is being wasted. Do not throw away your tea pulp from now on, because tea pulp can be used to polish wood. Use tea pulp to rub all parts of the wood. View the result.


Furniture Production Process To Delivery

     The process of making furniture requires different phases to get maximum result. After all processes have been completed correctly, shipment to new customers can be carried out. The first step in making furniture is to get the most important ingredients that are still in the form of long. At this stage, wood still has the shape of a large bar because it has only been cut from the forest. The wood must then be sawn as desired. Sawing wood from the wood form usually consists of plates with a thickness of 3 to 15 centimeters.

     It must be dried after cutting. The first dryingmethod can be permormed outdoors, depending on sunlight. Another way to dry wood can be made more modern by placing wood in an oven. This drying must be carried out to remove the moisture content in wood. Because if it is not done, wood may undergo changes in shape or may not last long.

     After the process has just entered the production phase. Wood is sawn to a specific size according to the item you want to work on. This operation usually uses a sawing machine. Then the wood that is still in the form of rough beams goes into shrinkage to remove the texture of the still rough wood and determines the exact size to be made. The end result is smooth. Then drilling is done to make the mounting system.

     You can then enter the sanding phase to get the level of refinement you want. Usually the goods that are sanded after finishing such as cupboards, doors, large tables that do not have narrow corners. The last is the settlement process. At this stage, the furniture builder will deliver a layer of wood to make it more beautiful and elegant while protecting the wood.


** Delivery of furniture

     After all phases have passed, the goods are ready to enter the packaging phases. This happens when a product is sent to the consumer. This packaging phase also requires special attention so that the goods are not damaged when they arrived at the order. To prevent unwanted things, it is necessary to do proper packaging.

     There are various choices of furniture delivery services outside the city to abroad. In general, the shipping costs of furniture are not based on the weight, but on the volume of the goods.


     For the reason, the process of making furniture from the beginning to delivery is hopefully this article useful

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Beautifully made and unique teak furniture gives a luxurious style to your home. This teak collection table is well made and brings harmony and elegance to your home.


We have different forms of unique beautiful furniture. If you are interested and want to know a lot about the product do not hesitate to contact us.


” The Way We Package Your Order “

     Packaging arrangements can be a major problem for furniture manufacturers if they are not carefully thought out in detail. The packaging method contributes to maintaining the quality of the product until it reaches the consumers.

You do not have to worry about ordering goods from our company. Because we will pack well and safely.

Watch a short video about how we package your order..


10 Benefits of Teak For Human Life

     Teak wood comes from teak trees that are large and can grow up to 30-40 meters. Teak is type of tree with broad, characteristic leaves, with leaves that fall when they dry. Teak tree itself is a type of tree that grows in tropical rainforest areas with temperatures between 27-37 degrees.


     This tree is also one of the types of trees whose growth rate is slow and low, so it takes quite a long time for the teak tree to be used by its wood. This tree is one of the plants that produce exceptional quality timber and is known worldwide. Many items made from teak have a very long lifespan.

The following characteristics and characteristics of teak are:
a. Has a very good strength and durability

b. Light brown to dark brown
c. Easy to cut and cut easily processed into many products
d. Not easy to change shape due to weather changes.
e. Has a heavy and sturdy weight

Consistent with its nature that is strong, hard, durable and not easily subject to shape changes, most teak is used as raw material for production, the following:

** Sea Ship : Since the Dutch colonial era, teak has been used as the basic material for shipbuilding, and before that it was used as a material for making fishing boats.

** The House : Antiquity houses and some rural houses still rely on teak as the base material for making, rather than using cement and brick. Nowadays, making teak houses is often found in mountainous areas such as villasand retirement homes and public places in tourist attractions.

** Furniture : The nature of teak that can easily be cut and processed makes teak often used as a raw material for processed furniture.Examples of wooden furniture madefrom teak:dinner table, chair, wardrobe, sills and doors and windows, the bed.

** Home Decor : The benefits of teak are often used as materials forcarving and decoration, as well as attractive home displays, with a distinctiveand durable teak color.Here are some types of carvings and home decoration ornaments made from teak:Granewand, Pigura photo, The estimate is on, door frame and door, Production of displays.

**Garden shed : Gazebo is a kind ofsmall hall that is usually located in a part of the park and can be useful as aplace to gather and relax. The benefits of teak, these garden houses can with strong, even waterproof.

** Home outdoor decoration : In addition to an arbor, other exterior decorations have been made with teak as the base material. Outdoor decorations made from teak include: Lawn chair swing set Garage pole



These are some advantages and applications of teak wood. Hopefully this information is useful… (^_^)


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How to clean mold on teak furniture


Cleaning Moldy Furniture

Very easy to clean fungus that sticks to wooden furniture.

1. Provide alcohol that has 70-80 percent levels.
2. Take a dry cloth. dip the cloth with alcohol, then use the cloth to wipe the moldy furniture. This method is proven effective for removing fungus

If the fungus has developed very wide and spread, it is better to wipe down moldy furniture with a cloth soaked in water. Afterwards wipe the furniture using a cloth that has been moistened with alcohol. In this way the furniture will be free of mold and mildew development on the furniture will be stopped.

Prevent Furniture From Getting Mold


Before your furniture is moldy, you should always clean the wooden furniture that you have.  Treatment that you can do with the help of an odor absorber and also a moisture absorber. You can buy these tools on the market. When summer comes, do not forget to periodically dry the furniture so that moldy furniture can be prevented.


Teak Root Production in Alas Gembol


      We are a teak furniture company based in Yogyakarta. We offer the best quality for buyers. Unfortunately, teak teak wood furniture is handmade by artisans. Goods made from teak look more attractive with a unique appearance and have their own characteristics. Teak roots are shaped and cut to create extraordinarily beautiful furniture. 


      Teak roots are widely used as furniture because the material is strong, more durable, has the beauty of wood properties and is easily formed during the working process. 


      Do you want teak furniture for your collection at home? If you are interested you can contact us for an order, we ensure the best quality and guarantee.