Small Mashroom

Small mushroom is a product Alas Gembol that can be used as decoration. This small mushroom can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Because of its small and cute shape, the mushroom can be placed on a bookshelf, family room, or can also be placed in a garden and the edge of a pond. This mushroom is made in small size so that it can be placed anywhere you want.


* handmade

* Primary Color: Brown

* material: teak

* size: H (10,15,20)



Leaf Tray

This tray is very good for and suitable placed on the guest table and dining table.
But it can also be used as decoration to beautify your room
This leaf tray is made of teak wood, the process is done neatly so that it produces a nice and unique tray.
for any size 47 x 49 x 8 (L.W.H)

Sanding Process

The sanding process is an important step in the wood finishing process. The sanding process is mainly done to prepare wood media so that the finishing application process is easy to do. In addition to preparing wood media, the sanding process is usually also carried out in the finishing process. Namely after the wood filler or wood putty application. The process of sanding media or wood substrates is very important to do. Because the results of good sandpaper will facilitate the finishing process later. In fact, many parties said that the failure of the sanding process could be the cause of the finishing failure.

Generally, sanding functions to smooth the surface and clean the wood media from dirt and wood defects by rubbing it on the work plane. Usually this process uses paper / sandpaper specifically for wood. Wood sandpaper itself is a type of sandpaper that is commonly used to flatten or smooth wooden workpieces. The sanding function becomes very important because the results of the sanding will greatly affect the success of the finishing process that will be done later. The numbers on paper sandpaper and roll sandpaper are numbers 24, 30, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80,100,120,150,180, 220, 240, 280, 320, 360, 400, 500, 1000 and so on. For grinding (leveling and forming), usually using coarse grits (24-80). As for blending, usually using medium grit sandpaper (100-180). For finishing using fine grit (240-400), to smooth using super fine (400-600). And for super finishing using micro fine (800-1200).

In addition to being in the form of paper / cloth, at this time we also know the sponges. This type of sandpaper is very effective for sanding wood surfaces that have a fairly rough texture. So that after the sanding process is complete, we don’t lose the texture. The texture still looks rough but when touched smooth. Unfortunately this type of sponge sandpaper can only be applied manually.

Tips tips

How to care for teak furniture‌

Teak wood furniture has a high beauty value if applied to the interior design of a room. Besides having a high aesthetic value, teak furniture is also known to last for decades. Naturally, teak furniture is never quiet even though the price is exorbitant. Unfortunately many people mistakenly consider the durability of teak wood as a reason to minimize their form of care. 

Though teak furniture also requires routine maintenance. If you have teak wood furniture at home, don’t leave your furniture in a long pile without ever being cared for, do some care to maintain the wooden furniture in your home:

1.Pay Attention to Room TemperatuPlace teak furniture in a normal temperature room, not hot or cold. Hot air can make the oil content in wood dry up quickly causing the wood color to fade quickly and dull. While temperatures that are too cold can accelerate the oxidation process which can cause mold and termite breeding or other wood insects.

2. Routinely Clean from DustClean the dust and dirt from teak furniture regularly. You can use cloths, feathers, or soft cotton fabrics so they don’t cause scratches on the wood surface. Use. a small, soft brush to clean the carved sidelines if any. You can use pledge (special wood cleaning fluid) to make the furniture more hygienic.

3. Warm water. Use warm water with a soft cloth to clean the lacquered teak furniture. Do not get too wet cloth, you should first squeeze it rough before it is made wiping. The aim is to avoid water absorbing a lot into the pores of the wood.

4. Polishing with Teak Oil. Polish teak furniture with teak oil to make the color of the furniture stay natural.

5. Treat well. Treat furniture well. For example, if you want to move a teak chair, the chair should be lifted from the stand, not just shifted or pulled on the back. To keep the surface of teak wood from scratches, you can add a base on it.


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The word “varnish” comes from the Latin word “vernix” which means smelly resin. Initially the resin was developed by mixing pine resin with a solvent, then applied by brush to get a golden effect and a hard film layer to protect the coated media.

Varnish is a wood finishing material that is often used in the furniture and building industry because of its practicality. This finishing material can be directly applied to various types of wood furniture without having to use other finishing materials. However, varnish can also be applied in coating systems, combined with other materials.

Varnish can be applied by brush or by spray. The advantage of finishing with varnish in addition to practical and easy application is its aesthetic quality that is able to display the beauty of natural wood fiber.Because of its practical and attractive finishing results, various wood finishing processes use a lot of varnish. Varnish finishing methods are in high demand for wood floors, frames, doors, wooden toys, handicrafts to furniture.


SIde Table

Side table that has this unique shape will beautify your home and give the impression of luxury. This table can be placed in the living room or terrace or in accordance with the wishes of the user.

         Our company produces side tables in various sizes. ingredients to make even the highest quality ingredients. so the results will not disappoint.Besides the side table there are many other furniture that we produce.

         If you are interested and want to know a lot about our products do not hesitate to contact us.Can contact via email or telephone directly to our office.




Style black and natural is still booming order from Canada and USA., We apply good material finishing in our product. This the most product style in this season . . We have kind of dimension and shape.

Enjoy with our product. .


Style black and natural is still booming order from Canada and USA., We apply good material finishing in our product. This the most product style in this season . . We have kind of dimension and shape.


Enjoy with our product. .

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Finishing Process

In the previous article it was explained that different processes are needed to make a product from wood before it can be used. One of the processes is the refinement process. In this article we discuss the final process. In the latter process, the end product is polished with wood paint, so that the product lasts longer and looks brighter.


It does not shine like a lamp, but the use of this paint serves to radiate the color of the wood. The use of wood paint is also to coat the wood, so sustainable when used. This article also shows one of Alas Gembol’s products, namely the table, when it gets wood paint and after it has been given wood paint. Therefore wood paint can be an option if you want your product to look better and last longer.


If you want to know all of our product you can visit our website’s catalog or you can email us.


Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass

Table is an important household item in a home. The existence will make the house more beautiful. In addition, the table also has many functions, such as placing glasses, plates and even flower pots. Alas gembol therefore offers you a wide selection of tables made of teak. One of the table products that we have is “Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass”. This table product has a unique shape and carving, and will gives your home an elegant look.



* Handmade

* Primary Colour: Brown

* Materials : Teak

* Size : 120 x 70 x 50 centimeters



Ships from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indoensia

Rectangular Coffee Table With Glass