Get to know the Dutch Teak Wood Closer

Who doesn’t know Dutch identity? This teak is very good in its class and is very popular among wood craftsmen. However, not everyone knows the unique facts about Dutch teak. Here are some facts about Dutch teak :

1.         Different from Teak Wood

Despite having the initial name teak, teak dutch is not teak. Dutch teak wood is pine or pine wood. This wood is usually referred to as a carrier imported from Europe. Compared to teak wood, the price of Dutch teak is also cheaper.

2.       Distinctive Characteristics

There are several characteristics of Dutch teak. First is weight. The weight of Dutch teak is not as heavy as teak in general. The second is color. Teak Netherlands has a creamy or light yellow color. For the fiber part, teak has smooth and very natural fibers.

3.       Not Originally from the Netherlands

Did you know that teak is not from the Netherlands? Named Dutch teak just for easy sorting. In general, Dutch teak originates from New Zealand and Germany. The name of Dutch teak comes from ancient people who called all teak from abroad as Dutch teak.

4.        Species vary

The majority of Dutch teak products come from America and Asia. High demand makes the species of Dutch teak increasingly varied. The most common type of Dutch teak is pine radiata or Dutch teak which is imported from New Zealand imports.

5.       Have Another Name

There are many other names of Dutch teak trees that you need to know. Javanese people often call it by the name of teak londo. There are also people who call it by the name of a former Dutch teak palette. However, the most common name to refer to Dutch teak is Madura teak.

Why is Dutch Teak Much Used as Furniture?

In the market, Dutch teak furniture is very much. The shape also varies. You may be wondering, what makes Dutch teak so popular? Teak Netherlands offers a variety of benefits, including the following:

1.         Light weight

Teak Netherlands has a light weight and is suitable as a basis for making furniture. This property makes Dutch teak safe for use by children. Besides being safe, its light weight also facilitates the process of moving from one place to another.

2.       Soft

Dutch teak is classified in types of soft wood. These properties make Dutch teak easily processed and shaped as desired. In fact, even beginners will have no trouble turning teak into furniture, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, or bookshelves. Because it’s soft, Dutch teak is easy to cut. The sanding process does not take long. The results of sand that has been sanded is very good, the surface is flat and smooth. Very high quality. As a result, the selling price of Dutch teak furniture is also high.

3.       Attractive Color

Basically, Dutch teak has a nice natural color and is easily painted. White makes it easy for you to change colors to taste. Both neutral and solid colors, the results will look satisfying. Very united with the basic colors of Dutch teak. This makes the wood fiber perfectly covered.

4.        Easy to find

Dutch teak wood is a type of wood that is easily found. Bearing in mind, the harvest period of Dutch teak trees is faster than ordinary wood. In just ten years, Dutch teak can be harvested and used to make furniture and various handicrafts. In Indonesia, Dutch teak can be found in most parts of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. The quality produced by each region is different, but does not eliminate the distinctive characteristics of Dutch teak, which is light and has a beautiful color.

5.       Durable

If you ask, is Dutch teak durable? The answer is yes. Teak Netherlands has very good resistance to weather and other factors that cause wood to rot easily.

6.       Cheap


Because it’s easy to find, the price of Dutch teak is cheap. Generally, many Dutch teak are sold in the form of wooden pallets which are used as export product packaging.


Nine Special Ingredients That Can Help Clean The Dirt On Teak Furniture 
1.  Candlenut seeds. Besides being used to discolor hair, hazelnut is also useful for treating teak furniture. The trick is burning 5 hazelnut seeds until the oil comes out. Wrap hazelnuts in gauze and crush them by being hit. Then rub your furniture with hazelnuts wrapped in gauze beforehand.
2.   Sago flour, starch, or corn flour can be used to clean furniture. The trick is to spread flour into the dirty part of the furniture filled with palms, then rub it evenly until your furniture looks clean.
3.  Stale tea water. do not throw away the rest of your stale tea yes, Use the remaining stale tea water to clean your furniture, because stale tea water is perfect if used to clean furniture. just put it on the furniture, but after that dry it completely using cloth or can use a fan or can also use a hair dryer so that your furniture is not moist.
4.   Vinegar water. The trick, mix ¼ cup of vinegar and 1 cup of olive oil, then polish your furniture with the solution. Another way is to mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water, take a sponge and then dip it in the solution after that, apply it to the stain. After that, clean the teak furniture to dry. Finally give color or back to your furniture.
5.   Shoe polish. Apply shoe polish to the fabric then rub it on your teak furniture.
6.  To clean stubborn water stains, apply toothpaste to a cloth that has been soaked in water, if water stains are a bit difficult to clean, use soda washing soap. You can buy washing soap at a chemical store. If it still cannot be removed, rub it with cork. In addition, you can mix ash with a little cooking oil and then rub this solution on your furniture.
7.  To get rid of white stains on teak furniture, you can dip a cloth in cooking oil that has been mixed with cigarette ash. Rub the cloth on the stain until there are no more marks. Another way is to use cork dipped in a solution of cooking oil and cigarette ash. Then rub the cork on the stain, then wipe the furniture with a soft cloth to dry.
8.  To clean the liquid wax stain on the table, the way is to use a hair dryer that has been hot, then direct the hair dryer to the former wax stain until the wax melts again. Then use a soft cloth or tissue to rub the stain clean. The last step again rub the table with a wet cloth that has been mixed with a little vinegar.
9.  To clean the former sticker attached to teak furniture, add a little cooking oil to the sticker you want to clean, let the oil soak. Then rub using a soft cloth and repeat until the sticker is removed and the stain disappears.
That’s nine ingredients that can clean stains on teak furniture, hopefully useful for caring for your favorite teak furniture at home. Teak furniture that is maintained will not only look beautiful when used, but can also be of high value in the future. So, take care of your teak furniture properly. If this article is useful, please share with your friends, who knows by sharing this article can be good for you. and your friends who have furniture can also benefit.

Bench Ranting

Bench Ranting 

In the previous article, we discussed about bench products produced by Alas Gembol, which are benches with asymmetrical backs. This time, we will discuss bench products from Alas Gembol which are widely ordered by overseas buyers, namely Bench Ranting. This Bench Ranting has a very simple shape but still has aesthetic value. This bench is suitable to be placed in the house, garden, or balcony. For those of you who like furniture placed outside the room and like furniture with a simple shape, this bench can be an option.

This bench is made of teak wood, so it is durable For there are several sizes, namely 2 seats whose size is 110x65x110 and 3 seats are 145x65x110. This bench doesn’t need a big place so it’s very simple. Maintenance of this bench is easy, you only need to clean it with a dry cloth. But to further enhance the durability of this bench, you can coat it with a special liquid so that the bench is still shiny and not eaten by termites.


If you like this product to add to the aesthetic value of your patio or yard, it doesn’t hurt you have this bench. For prices, please contact (0274) 4396317 or email or you can come directly to our place on the West Imogiri road 6.5 km Ngoto Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul.