Optimize Space with Custom Furniture

When filling housing, home owners are faced with two choices, between buying finished furniture or ordering furniture. Ordered furniture, known as custom furniture, is furniture whose models and sizes are made to order. With this flexibility, the furniture can be made to fit perfectly into the available space, even blending into the walls of the room. For housing with a limited area, of course this is an advantage. The advantage of using custom furniture can adjust the interior concept according to the moodboard. With a model that is made to order, mixing and matching furniture into the design of the room is certainly much easier. It’s a different story if the home owner chooses to buy finished furniture which often has a limited choice of models and colors. To find the one that really fits the heart, it is not uncommon for home owners to spend months hunting for furniture.

mid cen modern (pexels)

There is no prohibition on using ordered furniture in all rooms. However, there are certain rooms that have special needs so that it is more efficient to apply custom furniture, such as kitchens and bedrooms. For example, we can maximize the bottom of the bed into a storage drawer. Above the wardrobe you can make a full cabinet to the ceiling for storage of suitcases, bags, and others. Meanwhile, for the kitchen, ordering special furniture is necessary so that the furniture can adjust to the size of the room. 

In addition, we can adjust the design and size of the kitchen appliances that will be purchased, such as stoves, built-in ovens, microwaves and dispensers. Storage in the kitchen is often made full to the ceiling to maximize storage space. The kitchen will be organized more neatly and no space is wasted.


In addition to the design, prospective buyers must ask the vendor in detail about the materials used, starting from the main material, finishing, and supporting materials. That way, the results of the ordered furniture will be satisfying.