How To Choose a Wooden Wall Decoration

Finding a wooden wall decoration that suits you is actually not difficult. You can apply a few tips if you are going to buy it.


Wall Deco : Size 244 x 122 x 10 cm

– Choose the size of the decoration based on the area you want to decorate.

The size of each wooden wall decoration is not always the same. Therefore, it is very good to first check the wall decoration you want. You need to choose a product according to the space available.

– Adjust the feel of the interior of the room.

You need to consider the compatibility of the wall decoration with the nuances of the room. You can choose a classic wall decoration to be displayed in a retro-style room. It could be that the decoration will be displayed in a room with a contemporary theme. For that, you can choose products with modern designs.


Wall Deco : Sketsel Vertical Recycle Size 244 x 122 x 10 cm

– Know how to hook it

Before buying, you also need to check how to install the wall decoration. If the product has adhesive, you can stick it directly to the wall. Products like this are right for those of you who prioritize ease of installation. The drawback is that after attaching the hanging ornaments it will be difficult to remove. Even if you can remove it, it’s likely that your wall paint will peel off too.

– Check whether there are additional advantages

Not only to beautify the room, there are also wall decorations that have the added advantage of making it more functional. There is a wall decoration that you can use like a shelf to