How much room do I need for chairs around a table?

19 feb no 2

The most common question we get asked is how much room does each chair need around a table.

Now, this will depend on whether you are putting armchairs or armless chairs, and also the space that you have. Let me explain. For armchairs:

  • A minimum of 80cm for each chair is necessary, but 1 metre is ideal.

For a seating area around a dining table to feel comfortable and not cramped, 80-100cm between the table edge and walls or obstructions is necessary to provide room for guests to enter and exit their chairs. Allowing the full metre allows guests to walk behind seated guests without the seated person shuffling in towards the table.

  • In a small living space

It is recommended to choose armless chairs or bench seating.

You can get away with an allowance of 65cm from the edge of the table.

You might need to think out of the box and come up with a different layout for your table and chairs. 

  • Less length than you need?

If you don’t have the length for the table and chairs you would like, check this out.

Rather than the traditional ‘chairs around all 4 edges of a table’ layout, you might be better purchasing a longer table and putting all of your chairs down the length.

  • Have a small space?

We recommend working backwards if you have a smaller outdoor room.

1. Measure your area – marking in any posts, windows, doors or other items.

2. Minus the chair allowance off your length and width.

3. This will be the largest size table that you can comfortably fit.

  • Remember this:                 

Although it is nice to have a big table – big enough to put all the serving bowls and platters down the middle – it is far better to have sufficient room for yourself and your guests to move around the table comfortably.