Bar Stool Ranting


Each house must have a design and concept of space in accordance with the wishes of its owner, one of which is the kitchen. For those of you who like the design of the kitchen with a mini bar, of course you have to align it with a table and chairs to fit the concept. We have a bar stool product called twig bar stools which can be an alternative choice for decorating your minibar kitchen. The kitchen can be called the most important place in the house. Because, almost everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen with a mini bar, especially housewives for cooking. No wonder many mothers are more comfortable in the kitchen. Kitchen with minibar can provide value for the owner, but a kitchen with a mini bar does have an important role in a house. Almost every house has a spacious and minimalist kitchen. Even the kitchen with a mini bar is considered as a room that must exist before the family room or garage.

Stool products that we produce, namely Bar Chair twigs are made of teak wood with quality choices so you don’t need to doubt its durability. The uniqueness of this stool is on the feet or supports made from neatly arranged twigs so that it is strong to sit on. This bench has a diameter of 35cm and a height of 75cm, and for maintenance it is also very easy to clean the branches with just a soft brush or use a clean dry cloth or a duster. Also avoid humid room temperatures to avoid mold. This can make this stool not easily eaten by termites.


If you like this product, it never hurts to have a bar stool to add aesthetic value to your mini bar kitchen. In addition to the above sizes, we can also accept requests for sizes, shapes and finishing according to your wishes. for prices and reservations please contact (0274) 4396317 or email or can come directly to our place on the West Imogiri Road 6.5 KM Ngoto Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul.