Alas Gembol at the IFEX (Indonesia International Furniture Expo) Exhibition


Alas Gembol is a furniture company and has become a member of HIMKI and a member of ASMINDO / Indonesian Furniture Association. We have often participated in Furniture Fairs, one of which is IFFINA (International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia). Last year, precisely in March, enlivened the IFEX exhibition held at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.


Well, this year, the IFEX exhibition will also be held again on March 12-15, 2020 the place to be held is still the same as last year, namely in Jakarta. For padol pad itself is in hall B19.

IFEX has become a name that is the main goal of the world furniture industry players who want to find quality products and business partners in Indonesia. The presence of overseas buyers and visitors is an important part of the success of IFEX and efforts to increase the value of our exports to the global market

For those of you who want to see products from Alas Gembol, you can visit our place during the IFEX exhibition. And of course don’t forget to buy products from Alas Gembol.

Come visit and enliven the ifex exhibition


Don’t forget, pay attention to the time and place, yes 