Furniture Production Process To Delivery

     The process of making furniture requires different phases to get maximum result. After all processes have been completed correctly, shipment to new customers can be carried out. The first step in making furniture is to get the most important ingredients that are still in the form of long. At this stage, wood still has the shape of a large bar because it has only been cut from the forest. The wood must then be sawn as desired. Sawing wood from the wood form usually consists of plates with a thickness of 3 to 15 centimeters.

     It must be dried after cutting. The first dryingmethod can be permormed outdoors, depending on sunlight. Another way to dry wood can be made more modern by placing wood in an oven. This drying must be carried out to remove the moisture content in wood. Because if it is not done, wood may undergo changes in shape or may not last long.

     After the process has just entered the production phase. Wood is sawn to a specific size according to the item you want to work on. This operation usually uses a sawing machine. Then the wood that is still in the form of rough beams goes into shrinkage to remove the texture of the still rough wood and determines the exact size to be made. The end result is smooth. Then drilling is done to make the mounting system.

     You can then enter the sanding phase to get the level of refinement you want. Usually the goods that are sanded after finishing such as cupboards, doors, large tables that do not have narrow corners. The last is the settlement process. At this stage, the furniture builder will deliver a layer of wood to make it more beautiful and elegant while protecting the wood.


** Delivery of furniture

     After all phases have passed, the goods are ready to enter the packaging phases. This happens when a product is sent to the consumer. This packaging phase also requires special attention so that the goods are not damaged when they arrived at the order. To prevent unwanted things, it is necessary to do proper packaging.

     There are various choices of furniture delivery services outside the city to abroad. In general, the shipping costs of furniture are not based on the weight, but on the volume of the goods.


     For the reason, the process of making furniture from the beginning to delivery is hopefully this article useful

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