– Cylinder Table With Glass –

a short video of making Teak Root Table at Alas Gembol Teak

“Our Teak Root Tables are Stunning and Unique”

This is your chance to get unique furniture of unparalleled quality at the best price. The roots are carefully sanded and artfully finished with a clear layer of varnish to produce beautiful wood grain. The artisans who create these functional works of art carefully finish these works to ensure that they are sturdy to survive for years to come. Our teak coffee table facilitates relaxation with its beautiful and pleasant design. They are handmade from teak and demand the attention of everyone in the room and can always be the center of attention. With the glass lid in place, an elegant design that can only be produced by nature is fully represented. The natural organic form of teak roots gives the candlestick a sense of imagination and style. The unique shapes of each root combine shapes and functions to turn these candlesticks into real artworks.