Get to know Wood flare or Trembesi wood

In Indonesia in particular, naming wood trees uses a different name, as in most people who call wood with various names in each region. In Bali, it is referred to as wood flare, in Yogyakarta it is called Munggur wood, in Jepara it is called Kayu Meh. Ki rain, rain tree, or trembesi. trembesi wood is a large, tall tree plant with a very wide header. This plant was once popular as a protective plant. This tree has several nicknames such as Saman, Rain Tree and Monkey Pod, and is placed in the genus Albizia. Its broad roots make it less popular because it can damage the surrounding roads and buildings. This name comes from water that often drips from theheader because of its ability to absorb strong ground water and dirt from crickets that live on trees.

Flares of trees or in English known as Suarwood have more than 30 other names. This type of wood tree can grow faster than other wood furniture with a very large tree circumference of up to 5 meters with an average height of 20 m to 30 m. In Indonesia, Suarwood is known as Trembesi. In the world of wood furniture industry it is also called meh wood. Furniture made from Suarwood is in high demand by various groups, both local and foreign. The expansion of interest in Suarwood Furniture directly impacts the expansion of the mention of Suarwood in other countries. For example, in the UK Suarwood is popular as Monkey Pod, Rain Tree, Giant Thibet, East Indian Walnut, Cow Trembesi and Soar Wood. Different names, giving different interpretations about wood flares. To that end, so that our treasury is getting richer, here are some other names: Suarwood (Source: Wikipedia)

Latin                : Albizia Saman, Samanea Saman

Spain               : Cenizaro,Acacia Preta, Arbol de Iluvia (Rain Tree), Genízaro.

Cuba                : Algarrobo

Colombia         : Campano, Saman

Venezuela       : Carabeli, Couji, Lara, Urero, Samán

France             : Arbreà (la) Pluie (RainTree

Germany         : Regenbaum (RainTree), Soar, Flare

Jamaica            : Goango

Canada            : BhagayaMara.

Thailand          : Kampu, Chamcha, Chamchuri Daeng and Chamchuri.

Vietnam          : Còng, Cua mua and Rain Tree.

Trembesi wood of the genus Albizia is one of the typical wood species from the tropics, especially Indonesia, which has a fairly good commercial value in the market. In Indonesia this trembesi wood comes from several islands, namely Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Nusa Tenggara, but it is also possible if wood which is also known as firewood can be found in other areas apart from the areas mentioned above. Because the distribution of trembesi trees that produce wood is indeed quite fast and can grow anywhere in Indonesia. In nature, large acid wood stocks are still quite large and are often found but for very large sizes are rarely found. Therefore, this wood is widely used by the community as carpentry wood. Namely as a raw material for making furniture replaces teak wood.

Usually, furniture made from acid wood has its own characteristics, which emphasize the impression of sturdiness in its design. That is, furniture made from acid wood, most components are made very thick and maybe nothing is made with a thin size of less than 3 cm. Especially on the table (table top), the thickness of the wood used is 4 to 15 cm. It’s a size that is hard to find in teak furniture. Hi, this is because besides meh wood, it has a large size so that it can be made freely by meh wood furniture makers to make solid furniture intact without connecting. Acid wood with a thickness of less than 3 cm is also easily curved, therefore it is usually outsmarted so as not to bend the thickness of this plywood over 8cm or adjust it to your needs.

Although sometimes our people tend to prefer furniture made of teak wood, furniture made of acid wood is also very popular in overseas export markets because furniture is made of acid wood which is very unique, besides wood fibers and patterns similar to wood teak wood, this can also be natural without color so it looks a very beautiful combination of brown and white. In addition to beautiful patterns and textures, furniture made from acid wood has thick and large size characteristics, and minimal connections even on tables with a diameter of 100 cm and even more than 3 meters in length. create a natural and unique impression on meh wood furniture. To find out more about acid wood, here are some common characteristics of acid wood or firewood:

1. Wood Surface Color

The terrace is dark (usually dark brown with black stripes) while the sapwood is white. sapwood).

2. Weight or weight of wood

Trembesi wood is a type of heavy wood, also acacia or teak. According to, the average specific gravity of acid wood is 0.60, which means it is quite heavy.

3. Endurance level

Trembesi wood is a type of wood with a class IV durability

4. Strength level

For the level of strength of wood, acid wood is a type of wood with a strong grade III level.


Besides being used for furniture, trembesi wood is also widely used as a raw material in making various types of other high value products such as for making veneers, doors, sculptures, carvings, and various other handicraft products.