The Difference Between Solid Wood And Processed Wood For Making Furniture

The difference between solid wood and processed wood is something you need to know before deciding to make or if you want to buy furniture products. Both types of wood have many differences that are important for you to know. First of all you need to know that in making furniture there are indeed some materials that can be used as the main ingredients. Among the materials that are often used in making furniture is solid wood. On the other hand, many also use processed wood as the main material in making furniture.

Solid wood itself is pure wood. The wood is wood cut from the forest and can be directly used as material to make furniture. Some wood which can be classified as solid wood include teak, mahogany, tamarind, pine and others. Wood usually grows in the forest for years before it can be used as furniture. Meanwhile, processed wood is wood that has been through the process. From the name alone it can be understood that this type of wood is man-made or unnatural wood. The wood is composed of various mixtures of particles. In its manufacture requires several materials including sawdust from solid wood, glue, which is then pressed in such a way as to form a board.

In plain view, this processed wood will still show this mixed material. Processed wood itself has several types including multiplex (plywood), MDS (Medium Density Board), Blockboard and others. The difference between solid wood and processed wood will be very visible. In the past, the main material in making buildings was solid wood. They make various buildings such as houses, cupboards, boats all using solid wood, for example using teak wood. The reason for using this type of wood is because of its quality and durability. The use of processed wood for furniture can be said to start to bloom in modern times as technology develops. Indeed, this technology really helps humans to get materials to make various furniture or buildings. But of course, the quality of processed wood will not be able to beat the quality of solid wood.

A. Get To Know Processed Wood

As mentioned earlier that processed wood is made from various mixed materials or waste from solid wood. The material is then put together to make processed wood with a tool that has very high pressure. So getting this type of processed wood will indeed be easier than natural wood or solid wood. That is why processed wood is relatively cheaper than solid wood. The price that tends to be affordable makes people often use processed wood in making furniture such as making house doors, tables, and others. But on the other hand, they will not get quality furniture made from genuine solid wood. Indeed, using processed wood is only for furniture as if it were made of solid wood.

This processed wood material is certainly not as strong as solid wood. Artificial wood will be easily damaged if exposed to water. Therefore, this wood is not suitable for furniture that will be used outdoors. Even more worrying is that processed wood is not good for health. Processed wood has a pungent odor and is also a material that is not good for human breathing. That is why it is important to know the difference between solid wood and processed wood.

B. Get To Know Solid Wood

Meanwhile, solid wood is the best choice material in furniture making. Solid wood also guarantees better quality. But of course, the price of solid wood will be more expensive when compared to processed wood. In making furniture, there are some solid woods that are most used by furniture craftsmen. Solid wood is teak. This type of wood is valued as first class material in its field. This wood has fiber and natural color. Teak is more durable when compared with other types of wood, especially when pitted with processed wood.


In conclusion, solid wood is more expensive than processed wood. However, this type of wood has a far superior quality and does not have a negative impact on health. Thus, solid wood is also worthy of being the first choice in furniture manufacturing.