Shellac, How to make Shellac lacquers and how to use them

What is shellac???

     Shellac is a material for making camphor made from shellac. Shellfish is a kind of juice produced by animals or kind of insect called Lak Lice (Keracc Laccifer), these animals live and are cared for parasitically on Kesambi, Acacia, Ploso and Widara trees.

     Shellac is avaible everywhere in the form of thin chips. To be used, the sherllac pieces must be dissolvedin alcohol or ethanol until everything is melted. Liquid shellac called politur and is a finishing material that is widely used for the finishing process in wood. Spirit is a solvent that is often used to make camphor because the price is cheaper.

Finishing process with sherllac :

** Products that need to be re-finished must be completely smooth and free of all dirt, dust, oil, used glue, nails and other.

** Puff on the pores with wood filler.

** Ampelas to clean so that the wood filler is only left in the pores of the wood.

** The polishing machines that are available in the bowl are applied light and flat to all objects without exception.

** Perform the operation again so that the camphor is distributed more evenly, allow it to dry but do not heat it directly in the hot sun, dry it in a warm place but not directly in sunlight, as this can lead to curved products.

** Sands the product with a fine sandpaper and do this slowly and in line with the wood fiber. Then wipe with a cloth so that dust / dust that lingers can disappear.

** Turn the polishing brush back thinly and evenly by covering the brush tip wrapped with a sponge cloth. With the aim that the former quasas are not rough and the brush hairs do not stick to the workpiece. By pressing the sponge cloth, the pressure of the control becomes denser and smoother.

This process is repeated several times, but it must be brief, not just in certain places, because it produces uneven results.