Finishing Furniture By Burning

Recyle, vintage, old and antique furniture is now a trend in the furniture world. So many triggers the emergence of various finishing techniques to give the impression of furnishing an older product. One of them is finishing by burning.

This fuel finishing technique comes from Japan. Since the advent of this fuel finishing technique, it has made an interesting impression on wood. For good results, pay attention to the media used, because the finishing results are determined by wood fiber, then choose wood with good wood fiber. One type of wood that is known for its good fiber is teak. Yes since the beginning of teak has been known as wood that has high quality. The wood produced is very strong and durable.


Furniture products with the final stages of combustion are starting to be liked by the public because they give results to products that are epic, good, and have their own aesthetic value that gives a unique artistic impression. To create the impression of burning at the finishing stage, of course you have to use real fire. This burning technique cannot be done carelessly, if the origin is burned, the results will be less good and can cause wood to be burned into charcoal. When burning with a torch of course with the right fire pressure and must go to the fiber and not stop at one point. After finishing burning, make sure to clean the dust so it doesn’t burn using a soft brush or wire brush. The final stage of the combustion process is the application of oil / wax used for coatings and protectors. besides finishing techniques by burning can make the product last longer and reduce humidity. This will make the wood more durable and also more resistant to water which is the main source of fungus.