The reason Indonesian furniture products are in great demand by foreign markets

Indonesia is a country with large forests. Having a large forest certainly provides its own benefits for Indonesia. One of the natural resources that we can get from this forest product is wood. Processed wood that we can use as export materials is furniture. However, the use of forest products in the form of wood cannot be done by everyone, only those who have a permit can take it. As stated in Law No. 41 of 1999 Article 28 Item 2 which reads, “Utilization of production forests is carried out through the granting of business licenses for the use of the area, business licenses for the utilization of environmental services, business licenses for the utilization of timber forest products, business licenses for the utilization of non-timber forest products, production collection permits timber forest, and permit to collect non-timber forest products”.

Furniture products have long been one of Indonesia’s leading export products and the export market is now a dream for businesses, including the furniture business. Many new furniture companies or businesses are located in Indonesia, ranging from relatively small businesses to large businesses and many buyers. Indonesian furniture products steal the attention of many foreign markets because they have their own characteristics. This is because Indonesia has a unique design style and shape with a variety of excellent carved ornaments, and looks natural and has character. Besides that it is supported by the abundant source of furniture production materials in Indonesia, so there is no need to worry about running out of raw materials in the form of wood, this is because Indonesia has vast forests.


That way furniture entrepreneurs from other countries import furniture from Indonesia. Even from this export business, in addition to improving the Indonesian economy, he can also introduce authentic products from Indonesia so that it can be recognized by the world.