Tips For Starting A Furniture Business

One of the business opportunities in this millennium era and arguably promising is the furniture business or furniture products. This is due to the large number of Indonesians and property companies who are more interested in using chairs, tables, accessories or other items with wood-based materials for interior or exterior decoration, triggering the desire of novice business people to start a furniture business. Although there are still some people in Indonesia who like sofa sets to fill the living room or other space, but not a few who began to switch to exotic chair sets made of wood. That’s because furniture is considered more exotic when there are wooden elements in the house, so it can display a natural and classic impression and a high level of artistic taste.

Businesses related to furniture products, aside from high demand and demand in the local market, furniture products are actually targeting business people to export to foreign markets. Surely this has become a very tempting business opportunity for furniture business owners and those who will start a business in the furniture industry.

For those of you who want to start a furniture business, of course you must have a surefire strategy such as product design, marketing techniques, strategies and how to get started. So if you want to be successful in the furniture business, then it doesn’t hurt to study and look for tips on how to start a furniture business. Here are tips on how to start a furniture business,:

1. Have sufficient funds

It is undeniable that if we are going to start a business, surely we must have enough capital to start our business. Funds as capital are a non-negotiable requirement.

2. Setting up the right and strategic business location

To open a furniture business, surely we must have a large place. This is because furniture that is sold has a variety of sizes, from small to large. In addition, a large place also makes it easy for buyers to see the items you sell. Not only that, look for locations that are crowded with people passing by.

3. Determine the market taget appropriately

This is very important to make it easier for you to develop the best scheme, especially in terms of determining what product choices will be sold and most desired by the people of Indonesia and foreign markets. To set a target, you don’t have to just follow the trend. Do a small but accurate research to help you consider your decision and don’t hesitate to ask business people who have long been involved in the furniture business and are experienced.

4. Set competitive prices

To stay competitive, don’t occasionally destroy the market price of furniture by selling it at a fairly cheap price and vice versa.

5. Combine online and offline marketing strategies

This marketing method can only be done if the condition of your furniture business has stabilized offline. To run an online strategy, you must have a creative and genius idea that is used to increase the number of visitors to the website.

6. Business partners

Business partners are very important for the continued development of your furniture business going forward. In this case, you can work with raw material providers, designers, property companies, and fellow furniture entrepreneurs.


Those are 6 tips for starting a furniture business that you should know about. Hopefully useful and can be used as a reference for starting your furniture business