Development of Furniture Industry in Indonesia

From year to year the development of furniture in Indonesia has experienced a significant increase, said the Ministry of Industry, which stated the furniture industry had increased by 4% per year. According to Soenoto as chairman Himpunan Mebel dan Kerajinan Indonesia (HIMKI) the furniture industry is one of the mainstays in supporting the national economy. In addition, according to him, to realize the growth of the furniture industry is required to always innovate in terms of design, technology, marketing, packaging to after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only that, HIMKI also continues to promote the progress of the Indonesian furniture industry through various activities, one of the annual agendas that has succeeded in introducing the excellence of Indonesian furniture and craft products to the world is Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) .

In the IFEX 2019 event, which succeeded in attracting around 12 thousand visitors and won transactions of around 370 million US dollars, IFEX has become a name that has become the main destination of players in the world furniture industry who want to find quality products and business partners in Indonesia. HIMKI Chairman Soenoto said that so far IFEX has succeeded in paving the way for the growth of the national furniture industry with the presence of thousands of buyers and visitors from home and abroad. According to him the presence of buyers and visitors abroad is an important part of the success of IFEX and efforts to increase the value of our exports to the global market.


Although the export performance of the furniture industry continues to improve and increase, Indonesia’s export performance is still far compared to Vietnam, which is currently in 7th position. To that end, Soenoto continues to promote the progress of the Indonesian furniture industry so that it can compete with neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam by holding the largest furniture and handicraft exhibition in Indonesia in March 2020.