7 Types of Joglo Traditional Traditional Houses and their characteristics

Various types and characteristics of this traditional house.

Joglo traditional houses in Central Java have several types that have characteristics of each type. Well, next we will discuss the types of traditional Joglo houses and their characteristics.

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1. Pangrawit House

The traditional Pangrawit house is a house that uses a hanging symbol that has a characteristic conical roof and in every corner, there is a pillar.

2. Lawakan House

This type of traditional house uses 16 poles or pillars and 4 of them are Soko Guru as support for the front of the house. It also has a roof consisting of 2 ridges with 4 sides which is its trademark.

3. Sinom House

In Sinom’s house, 36 poles are used, 4 of which are Soko Guru poles. It also has 4 sides on the roof with 3 levels and bumbungan. The design of the Joglo Sinom building was adopted from the development of other traditional Joglo houses using the surrounding terraces.

4. Mangkurat house

The Mangkurat traditional house has a design that is almost the same as the Pangrawit traditional house but has a taller building. With the characteristic of the roof, which is composed of three arrangements or three angles of inclination, which is usually bounded between arrangements with a display at each corner.

5. Semar Tinandhu’s house

The Semar Tinandhu traditional house is different from other traditional houses on the front which uses a wall as a support at the front. In contrast to other traditional houses that use wooden poles as support on the front of the house.

6. Hageng’s house

The last type of Joglo traditional house is the Joglo Hageng traditional house which has the proportion of the main roof and the second roof under which it is designed to be shorter and is also made more sloping when compared to Joglo Mangkurat and Joglo Pangrawit.

Joglo houses do have various types, which can be used as an illustration of the diversity of Indonesian cultures and customs, especially in Central Java.