6 Anti-Mainstream Wooden Table Designs ‘From ALas Gembol’

As the name suggests, the anti-mainstream wooden table comes with a very unique design that is able to make the residential atmosphere more lively and attractive. Are you curious about the models? Come on, let’s take a peek at the ‘Alas Gembol’ anti-mainstream wooden table model below


1. Wooden table with glass combination


This wooden table model is custom made, where the glass material follows the shape of its natural wood curves. Apart from that, the legs are made of stainless material which makes this wooden table look unique, modern and luxurious at the same time.

2. Natural Wood Table

This wooden table model is guaranteed to give a very natural atmosphere to your home. This is because this wooden tables does not go through a complete processing process so that the final result looks more natural like reak wood.


3. Wooden Table with Tree Legs

The uniqueness of this wooden table lies in its legs. If a table generally uses four legs as a support, this wooden table only uses a piece of real tree trunk that is large enough to support the surface of the table.


Well, the surface of this wooden table itself is made of clear glass material in a round shape. Thus, the uniqueness of the tree trunk on this wooden table is not covered and you can see it more clearly. For the tree trunk itself, you should use quality materials, such as wood from gaharu or merbau trees.